Leather is a girls best friend

I had an unexpected day off on Sunday (the first in along time) and decided to drag myself to Swellegant once again for their amazing hat selection, $70 dollars later I left with 5 amazing pieces, including these white leather shorts. Megan and white do not get along very well, it's a love hate relationship, I cannot keep anything clean especially white items, but these were something I could not miss out on (and if I ever get them dirty I figure I can wipe them off, leather is a magical material). Also, I am not a fan leggings but they come in such amazing materials that I will wear them while paired with socks, to createthe illusion that I am wearing tights. The final addition to this look is the snake bracelett; a perfect combination of black and white to complete the look.


Tayler Worrell said...

Love the shorts! awesome blog <3


Unknown said...

viva la eighties! but seriously, rad shorts.