Today was interesting. Two grown men, maybe in the mafia maybe not, were fighting outside of the store I work at. In the process one lost a tooth and decided to come to me for help, yippee. After calling 911 (first time I have EVER dialed that number), more fighting occurred until three police cars showed up. And then I had to give a statement. For the record I hate police, they make me nervous, and I actually forgot my address while giving them information. After confiscating the bag one of the gentlemen had left outside of the store I was free to sit down and breath. For the rest of the day I enjoyed spray painting wreathes with gold spray paint, the tip of my finger is still numb, and catching up on all of the fashion magazines I have been missing out on.

As far as my outfit goes, I was a bit frazzled this morning, so I got dressed in about five minutes and headed out. I’m actually pleased with what I threw together, sometimes the best outfits are chosen in a hurry, I guess it prevents over thinking.

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