Jacket: Free People Shirt:LF Stores Skirt: Swellegant Purse: Burberry, Goodwill
Shoes: Jeffery Cambell

A little venting before I get going- It was another rainy day in southern california, which I was THRILLED about; the fact that it is sunny 80%-90% of the time often gets to me. I feel that the constant sunlight depresses me, I need to feel some sort of difference of seasons or else I feel the year is just one big blur, especially around the holidays.

Now lets get down to bussiness. I was riffling trough my closet yesterday and stumbled upon this blouse that I completely forgot about. I now in love with it all over again, it was like going shopping in my own closet! Oh and the purse I’m wearing is vintage Burberry I found at goodwill for $5.99. Have you noticed that goodwill in seedy neighborhoods always have the best finds? I figure that no one is shopping for Burberry/Dior/Versace in those neighborhoods-oh and on a side note I have gotten all of those listed at one particular goodwill, it's my go-to thrift shop. The tights I'm wearing are not rippe on purpose, i find that ripped tights are completely useless, but I can't seem to keep a pair more than one week without damaging them, and i'm too poor to afford new ones so I figure it is what it is. ENJOY

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Dirty Hair Halo said...

Yo- in Minnesota it's 10 degress and feels like -2 (according to weather.com) so I can't believe your complaining about the Sun. I wore tights under my jeans today! Tights for Christs sake!

Tell you what, I'll trade you places this season. Please? I'm desperate.

XO- Don't forget to enjoy no goosebumps and shivering.

BTW your outfit is adoreable.