I am currently in Park City, Utah at my parents house. This Christmas has been beyond amazing, I forgot my usb connector at home so I am going to be unable to upload pictures until the 28th, when I get home. I get so exited when I take pictures, all I want to do is upload them that instant, but I guess I will have to practice patients this holiday which is not going to be easy, although I promise a plethora of pictures when I get home (probably enough to drive you all crazy and I'm sorry in advance it's just so incredible up here I can't help but take pictures). As of today I have taken pictures of my parents adorable golden retriever, their 15 foot Christmas tree, the beautiful landscaping-snow and all, and me shooting a 12 gauge riffle (don't worry I am a vegetarian and just shot at targets, its actually the first time I have ever done so and it scared the shit out of me to tell you the truth), and I've only been here one day-two days to go :).

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apparellel said...

hey! my parents live in slc. small world! park city is so gorgeous!