Feeling Ladylike

Hat: Swellegant Vintage Dress: Aukualani Capelett: Goodwill Shoes: Vince V Camuto

I found a beautiful shirt at goodwill last week but it was about four sizes too big. I couldn’t get over the lace detail around the neck, so I bought it anyways (it was $3.99 I really couldn’t resist) and when I got home I cut the lace detailing off and created a romantic capelett which I am now obsessed with. And I am exited to tell everyone that I got paid today so Tuesday or Wednesday I will be once again hitting the pavement thrift shopping, I skipped last week due to rent, and-fingers crossed- I will get lucky.


Alexa Martin said...

hi, dear. :)

i found your blog through your chictopia account. i LOVE this outfit! i like how creative you are. great idea on cutting off the lace and making it into a capelet.

hope we could exchange links.


alexa ♥

Ulrika said...

oooh, love this look!!