Blouse: Vintage, Esprit Vest: Holy G Pants: Celebrity Pink Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Mr Jeffrey decided to get all artsy today and fiddle with the settings of my camera. I am actually very pleased with the results, very Polaroid esk. Now, don't ask me to repeat this process because it's not going to happen.

I am in lust with this vest, it's the perfect garment for the unpredictable California weather. One minute it will be 70 and the next 50, which I know doesn't sound that cold to most of you, but its freezing to me. I bought this blouse at goodwill last week and instantly fell in love with the print, it will look super cute with a high waisted black skirt and knee high socks, or patterned stockings also. MMM I'm getting exited just thinking about what I'm going to wear tommorrow. :)


duckalicious said...

very nice!

Pedro said...

i love the outfit

Unknown said...

we love your outfits! you've got new followers!

xx Rona & Breshna


marciadaly said...

Hey Meg!

Great to connect, your Blog is fantastic!

love you

aunt nini