Look mom no hat!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday, mine was spent at work oogling all of the people wandering to the beach. Can you believe it, the beach in the middle of January? Living in California nevery ceses to amaze me. I wore this fantastic shirt I found at Forever 21 of all places, I had not set foot in one in over eight months and I was pleasently surpirsed at the
merchandise, it took a lot of digging but in the end I found some fantastic stuff. I'm also wearing my favorite pair of shorts. I bought them at Swellegant, one of my many go to vintage shops. They were a bit long so I cut them, but they are so comfortable, crafted out of ultra-suede, I always find myself petting the fabric when I wear them.

oh and surprise NO HAT!!!! I brought one to work just in case, but I was determined to go one whole day without one and I surprisingly accomplished my goal. One day's enough for me though, tommorrow a hat will one again be perched on top of my head protecting me from
a flat hair day.


Tayler Worrell said...

LOVE the necklace shoes and shorts!! i really need to find me some shorts like that <3


Ulrika said...

That necklace is amazing, great outfit hon!!xxx

street angel said...

I love this look...great style.

el_martina said...

top and necklace i love!!