Lovely Lace

Hat: Swellegant Vintage Shirt: Vintage Pants: H&M Shoes: Sweet Life by Dolce Vida

It's the beginning of a long work week, and as you can see I was feeling a bit casual today, and when I say casual what I really mean is lazy. Although, when looking for pants to wear this morning I was blessed that these suckers were on the top of the pile of clothes that lays on my bedroom floor. I just love these pants, I have seen so many pairs of lace pants at vintage stores that I adore, but they never fit right, and than H&M read my mind and came out with these babies. They dress up a casual outfit fantastically!


Second Skin said...

Ah! I found you!! I am completely in awe and worship mode here. thats all I can say. about ALL of your looks. HOLY.

Cailin Klohk said...

I LOVE your style,it's really speacial and unique.