Visual Thoughts

Presenting some of my randomly inspiring pictures I have com across recently.

I feel so incomplete without my camera. I have gotten such great inspiration recently and it's hard to share that with others through words alone. I know that many of us are visual people which is why we love fashion in the first place.

Now for a little story time: The other day an older lady came into my work who shares my love of vintage-particularly vintage jewelry- and she returned the next day with a bunch of jewelry to give to me. While sorting through it with her she taught me so much about how to identify if something is real gold, sterling silver, or a genuine pearl and said she would return with books for me to read so that I could identify jewelry designers/era of creation. I have decided she is going to be my mentor-like my own Finding Forester story. When I get my camera back I will post pictures of her and the treasures she owns, it really is so refreshing to know that there are people out there who you share passions with and who are truly exited about sharing their experiences with others.

On the same note, secondskinstyle.blogspot.com mentioned me as inspiration on her blog (http://secondskinstyle.blogspot.com/2010/01/compare-and-contrast.html). She is a very inspiring person herself not only with fashion but as a genuinely caring individual. It is always such an honor to hear that people are inspired by what I do. The reason I got into blogging in the first place is to share my passion with others and create a place where people can come together and contribute to each others personal style inspiration without feeling insecure or intimidated by others, and are instead encouraged by each others individuality and creativity.

WOW that was a pretty serious post, tomorrow will be more light hearted, I've been feeling very introspective recently.


Anonymous said...

The first picture had me captivated for such a long time.

STYLEFOX said...

I love the 3rd and last picture!
Great blog...

Sara said...

I love the pics! How sweet to find someone to be your mentor! I hope that you do get your camera back soon, I would love to read a follow up on this. :)

apparellel said...

blogging is such an inspiration. it is so great that we have the ability to get inspired by just going online or sharing our inspiration by taking pics and putting them up for ourselves and others to enjoy. when i was in my teens i would have died for an outlet like this. we really are very lucky!
i can't wait for your camera to be fixed either because your style is absolutely incredible! i love that you do your own thing and don't put yourself in the "fashion" mold. amazing!

Taylor Sterling said...

wow all of these images are beautiful! i get lost in them!

StuddedLilly said...

amazing pictures! i love the 5th one so much!


ZANAH said...

Great pics :) Mon Mode Blog

shoeless simone said...

LOVE the fourth picture!

-Shoeless Simone

FrouFrouu said...

Great inspiration, particularly loving the 5th image. Thanks :)

HeatherClark said...

really pretty images and what an amazing story about that woman! where can i find one of those? I design jewelry and I buy a lot of vintage pieces so I would love to read books on that...definitely will be checking some out now that you've inspired me :)

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