Dress: Molly New York Shoes: Frye Hat: Vintage, Decades

It's my day off today, time for adventure! I should be doing my laundry but I am 99.9% sure that is not going to happen. I will probably drag my boyfriend to Salvation Army to try to find some treasures among the pre-packaged jewelry.

Oh and I spoke to Sony, my camera is supposed to be shipped this afternoon. FINALLY!!!! At least I didn't have to pay to get it fixed.


E said...

Beautiful dress!i love how you wore the bow around your neck :)


Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

I did a post on my blog about black and white plaid today, these pics would have been perfect :)

Sara said...

very pretty dress, I love how you styled it! I am wearing my b&w plaid today, I wil post tomorrow.

Christina said...

love that dress!