Frumpidy Dumpidy


Skirt: Thrift Sweater: Thrift

FUCK YOU PHOTOBUCKET. I received an email three days ago saying that had almost reached capacity. After I received the email I did not upload any more photos to my account. Two days later I received an email saying that I was over my limit and they removed a ton of photos from my blog. If I was almost at capacity, and didn't upload any photos, how the hell do I all of a sudden jump to over capacity? I think it's just a ploy to make me pay the $25 and before they screwed me over I was debating it. But now I despise that site. Heads up everyone in the blogersphere don't use photobucket... it blows. I started a flickr account yesterday and am still trying to figure out how to do everything so bare with me. For example, why, are there squares around all of my pictures?? Okay sorry about the venting... that's the last you'll hear of it!


Anyways I found this cute little cow on a bench by the beach, his little face makes me happy.


Elise said...

the squares are probably from a setting in your blogger template. thanks for visiting my blog - you are a lovely inspiration! love this fun skirt!

Anonymous said...

be patience megg.photobucket so suck.that's why wont use that.hehe:)

oh btw,love ur hat and top!
lovely skirt too:)


Anonymous said...

ha, so cute! not sure about photobucket...upload on iphoto direct to blogger!

the close up is so lovely! love the cardigan, very chic!

great images!


OooKellyNicky said...

So cute, I would have never paired that jacket with that skirt, but like always you look great. The print and color of that skirt is so pretty, it's like some kind of orange snake, I love it.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

deike said...

What si this about "Thrift". I don´t know that - a store? a market? Please tell me!

Hugs ´n Kisses, Deike

princesspolitico said...

so sorry about the photobucket trouble.... sheesh they suck! your outfit is the complete OPPOSITE of frumpy... you look classic! love the length of that skirt and your adorable creame sweater.


ElSolAmado said...

I love this sweater! You're amazing! Cuuute! :)

S and O said...

cute!! I love that cardigan with all the buttons :)
so pretty!

Hope your having a great weekend!


Camilla said...

Love this, LOVE the cow.


Carys said...

I love your hat!!!! I bought something similar today, weird!! Also, that sucks about photobucket, how annoying!! Still, your outfit is amazing, and that location is beautiful!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with Photobucket, but just so you know, Flickr only lets you have access to 200 photos at a time. If you go higher than that without paying, your first photos will still appear on your blog, but you won't be able to access them on your Flickr account.

This outfit is adorable though!

Ce qui m'inspire

Carol said...

Great outfit!! I love your navy jacket!!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Sorry to hear about the photobucket problem. That sucks! Unfortunately, I haven't any advice to give, I just load directly from iPhoto on my Mac-top.

Fortunately for me you posted today, as it always brightens mine. LOVELY, AMAZING. CUTE. You are truly an inspirational style icon, and still one of my faves for a blogger. Saturday hugs and kisses to you! xo. -Bella Q

libys11 said...

aaww.. tough luck on photobucket huh? i hope you resolve it soon! :D

anyway, if it makes you feel any better, i think you look wonderful! :D that skirt is just stunning! :D

A Flourishing Perspective said...

What an absolutely adorable outfit! :) I love your outfits. Adorable blog. Love the setting of these pictures.


Jasmine said...

aww the cow is adorable! and i love your hat and your jacket with gold buttons! i'm obsessed with gold buttons hehe :)

anyway you could've went over your bandwith if someone used your pictures instead of uploading them onto their own picture-hosting site. it's happened to a lot of people recently. i tried flickr too but didn't like it so i just created two photobucket accounts. i think the square around your photos is probably in your html somewhere :)

kelly ann said...

aaww man, that sucks! photobucket is dumb. :( i'm sorry, dear!

on a happier note: your outfit is gorgeous! i'm going to the beach for a photo shoot today on ocean blvd. - it's kind of windy at my house, though, i hope it calms down by then. :P

Little Ocean Annie said...

Oh, I LOVE these pictures! That third one down is just plain perfect, gorgeous girl! That skirt is so beautiful!
I really suggest paying the $25, but switching to flickr! They keep the quality of the photos so much better!

jessica wu said...

wow, great outfit!
i loveee the skirt. it looks beautiful on you.

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hannah said...

nothing frumpy about this look! and yeah boo photobucket. flickr has been good to me since i joined, i wish i could afford a pro account though!

Sofie Marie said...

I don't know if I'm missing out on something..but why do bloggers upload there photos to photobuckect ect before uploading them with blogger?
Why not just upload them straight up with blogger?
Confused..anyone care to spare there time and explain ^.^

bekster said...

you're so pretty! I love your haiiiirrr! :)


Becks said...

Try tinypic!


kate maggie said...

Ah, you're seriously so beautiful Meg! I love this outfit on you..especially the hat. I swear you pull off hats better than anyone. :) I know how you feel about photobucket, the same thing happened to me. I hate it! I hate photobucket! Flick is the way to go...have a great weekend. x

Mitzi Cocoa said...

Thanks for the warning about Photobucket! You look so lovely!! What a dreamy summer look. I love your creamy blazer and hat! Also, that bench cow is adorable.

Jonesy said...

super cute hat!


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Sofie: people upload to another host site like flickr or photobucket because it allows them to post far larger images without sacrificing quality. Even on the largest setting, when you upload directly from your computer to blogger the photos show up very small.

Megg, I'm sure that your photobucket problems are due to bandwidth overages, because the same exact thing happened to me a while back, which prompted me to fork over the $25 to flickr for a Pro account. I would never pay that much for a Pro photobucket account, but on flickr it's worth every penny. It's a great site once you get the hang of it, not only for photo hosting but for photo sharing and community aspect of it.

I've been hosting my blog images in flickr for a long time now, so if you'd like any advice or a tutorial on how to get those boarders to go away, just drop me a note to the email on my profile! :n )

Becca said...

Always love your longer skirts - you always style them in such unexpected ways and make them look great!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! and shame on photobucket for doing that, flickr is so much better anyway ^.^

Amanda said...

Flickr is wayyyy better than photobucket, so it's def. for the best that you switched. It's kinda tricky at first though.

You have the most amazing hat collection my dear!

katthroatworld said...

beautiful outfit! and LOL @ that cow.. too cute.

Anonymous said...

booo - to photobucket, or should i say moo!looking lovely as ever.

Annabel said...

This outfit is so classy jet fun, love it!

Nemerae said...

Hi! I found you on IFB :)
Such a lovely and stylish outfit!! love the skirt!
BTW, I use Imageshack.us since years and it hasn't gave any problem to me.. Tinypic is also a good site.

Anonymous said...

ah love it! great outfit!


michelle_ said...

ooohhhhhh i love the last shot of the cow !
your maxi skirt is the most beautiful skirt i've ever seen !

great outfit as always !

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janet said...

pretty look!
lve ur hat and sweater!

i think flickr is better and faster! :)

elineee9 said...

nice pictures
and you`re very beautiful

KANI said...

that happened to me too!
and then i moved to tinypic :)
i tried imageshack before that but i found the photos loaded too slow

anyway lovely hat! i like it

style baro said...

love it ! :D

Sidney said...

picture 3 is so beautiful, i love the pattern of the skirt xx


Gonzalo said...

thats sweet!


The CultureCynic said...

U r right. photobucket blows. they did it to me also, for about a month, most of my pictures couldn't be viewed becuz i apparently reached my max, even though i didn't use them during a certain period.

I also used Imagesheep for a bit but it takes too much bloody time to upload to a secondary site so i just went back to just using blogger settings. yes the images may not be as crisp but whatever.
propor lighting if using jus a regular ol point and shoot, u shld be a good. i think with an SLR, this issue will be fixed all together.

you have great style btw.

Sophie said...


i am a newcomer to your blog-- i love it :) I want to follow it.

everyone please check out and follow my blog--


Piia said...

Amazing outfit! so vintage high-fashionish:)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

wow - this whole photobucket debacle has made me worried. i have a pro flickr account that i use for personal stuff, but maybe i should just start using that for blog pictures as well.

you kind of remind of mary poppins in this outfit - i love it!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

aw. im sorry about your trouble with phtobucket! :-( i just use the uploader on my blog. i wish i knew how to get rid of those borders!

but your outfit is amazing and you look gorgeous!

<3chelsea elizabeth

Becky said...

You look like you belong in A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. I love your hat!

reckless daughter said...

oh no! that bites about photobucket but I love that you're all smiley in these and then open with "FUCK YOU PHOTOBUCKET" haha

PS: I'm a flickr gal myself these days.