Dress: Sleepwalker

This dress is one of my boyfriend's new favorites. It was another gem sent over from Sleepwalker Vintage. I love the material, the way it falls and its classic diamond cutouts along the shoulder. My boyfriend was actually complimenting it in line at Pei Wei after we had already shot the outfit! These photos turned out pretty well, too. I've been shooting a ton in the Back Bay, lately, but my BF wanted to get artsy fartsy this time & find a perfect symmetry with a tree there...btw, shouldn't the word "symmetry" have more symmetry? I think that the word should be a palindrome, but that's besides the point. I hope that everyone is having a good week!


Could I Have That? said...

so feminine and pretty! love that color and the cutout detail.

love it!

Anonymous said...

you have a point about the word symmetry - id never thought of it like that before!! Lovely dress - the diamonds are beyond cute! ck :) x

Anthea said...

That is a lovely dress! I can say why your bf likes it.

Tayler said...

Its one of my favorites too! <3


Luci Ana said...

Really pretty dress and lovely pictures :)

Salon Mystique said...

are those diamond cutouts?!? What a an amazing dress! Love the sparkly shimmer of it too. Fantastic!

*rachelwears said...

this look so timeless, and i love your shoes- you match things together perfectly, always!

Shallow Mallow said...

The colour and material look really lush! Love the diamond cutout too. Great outfit :D

HAYLEY said...

Amazing dress! The material falls so nicely. What a great gift!


Jony said...

Wow such an amazing dress, love the color the fit amazing!
And it looks great with your heat!

Another gorgeous outfit as always.

wardrobeexperience said...

amazing colour! this dress looks so pretty on you!


LadyFLASHBACK said...

cute diamond detail on the shoulder!

and a lovely shade of blue :))

jess s//

ps//I'm asking for everyones opinion on some business card//logo ideas, i would love yours:

Cara said...

Like the hat <3

Naima Amarilli said...

Oh how much i love the blue!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful dress!


libys11 said...

loving the flowiness of that dress!! so chic! :D

Animated Confessions

Anonymous said...

The color is remarkable. I like the link and the sheer material.

Kate Maggie said...

This color is SO dreamy on you.

I loved this outfit so much that I showed eveyrone in my office right now and we all said the same thing. "She looks SO good, so so so good!" You really do. Hope you're having a great day sunshine. I want to look into your closet and see your collection of hats. You should do a post about all of your hats!! x

chrystie the gemini said...

your pictures are SO beautiful and inspiring!! i've been following you for awhile and recently have seen a change in the pictures you post, they're so dreamy!! you're quite the inspiration!


Kate Maggie said...

I laughed when I read your comment because

a) you hit the hammer on the head. i work in a gloomy office.
b) we were all crowded around the screen. all 9 of us. <3

thanks for your sweet comment, too! :)

Elizabeth said...

i love the colours of these photos! the dress looks lovely on you.


Jasmine said...

your bf has excellent taste--that dress is one of my new favorites from you! the diamond cut outs are so unique and cool!!

Sales, Smiles and Styles said...

That dress looks amazing on you, the fabric falls really nicely. And what subtle but gorgeous diamond detail! My you're pretty! :) x

Kimmy said...

adore your blog...you have such great style.

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Stephanie said...

:] Great outfit. It´s very timeless, love the color!


ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

You look really serene!

sonatta said...

so pretty. great photos! ;>

Josh said...

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Anonymous said...

This dress is gorgeous! Drapes so well on you! At first I thought you had named this dress from Delta Spirit's song "Streetwalker." But obviously, they are not even the same word. Duhhh it's early. Anyway, love this post!


Fiamma said...

Love your look! gorgeous as usual!



Dulcette said...

This looks so beautiful, periwinkle blue is your colour :) xx


Starr Crow said...

i love this look on you, and that dashing dress that just seems to work so well with the wind! the photos are just lovely too, yay artsy fartsy b/f! i can't get over how much the dress reminds me of this one I sold in my shop: