chunky knits & leather shorts


Sweater: Thrift Shorts: Vintage Shoes: Chinese Laundry 

I had been looking for these shorts for months, and the past couple of weeks have been torture since I've had the idea for this outfit & couldn't find all of the pieces.  Well, my week got a little better when I found them in the trunk of my car & I put this little number together immediately.  
Additionally, my new apartment arrangement is working nicely and I found another dog portrait oil painting for $8.00!!  Hopefully, you all have great plans for the weekend.  I'll be working working working, but I'll be getting some hikes in, too.  Oh and I want to give a big shout out to everyone at NYFW, I can't wait to see butt loads of pictures when you all get back!


--Sanam-- said...

Great look,i especially love your thrifted sweater and heels! :D And i so agree,i cant wait to see pics from NYFW either :D

StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

ching said...

very cute ensemble. xD

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

great look dear, love those shorts :)

XoXo-Kelli K

Clara said...

you're so skinny.
i love your shorts.

Karen said...

Love yoru chunky knit sweater. You can pull off a crop top with such class!!



Anonymous said...

awesome sweater :D


Anonymous said...

Love the chunky sweater! what a great find ^,^

Diana said...

your legs are crazy long! amazingggg outfit - that sweater is perfection!

visit soon xo


anna. said...

You've managed to make chunky knits look summery(ish) congrats!

Love the socks and heels combo


Eli said...

LOVE this look on you, amazing really

helloiloveyou. said...

I love this, so cute!

Stephanie said...

Ohh :] Love it! Great shorts! So cute :)


Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh my Goodness, I've never seen such a gorgeous cropped knit shirt! Well actually I've rarely seen cropped knit shirts at all in my life haha :D Anyway, you look superlovely in it!

StuddedLilly said...

i love the sweater just as much as i love the leather shorts! can't believe you found it in white!! and you look so pretty darling!

duckalicious said...

oh yessss!

Jasmin said...

the short pullover is love

moded'amour said...

amazing outfit, love the sweater so much!!

Clara said...

Aah I LOVE this! I'd wear this is a heartbeat. I need that crop jumper.

libys11 said...

gotta love that cropped knit sweater!!! lovely!

Animated Confessions

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. White leather shorts? I can't begin to put into words how amazing this is.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...that chunky sweater is so freaking dope. have a nice weekend...don't work TOO hard. ;)

Elizabeth said...

i love that sweater! you look gorgeous.


Dylana Suarez said...

That sweater is . . . AMAZING! The perfect amount of chunkiness!


Style_Pursuit said...

Know exactly what you mean! I've got a chunky knit in my wardrobe already, but still looking for a perfect pair of leather shorts... :o)
Love this outfit!!!


fashionismyh2o said...

Im usually not a fan of socks and shoes but you make them look super hot here! Beautiful look x

Nicole said...

oh my god, you look amazing!

just, amazing...

wardrobeexperience said...

those shorts are just great! one question: how to keep white leather clean?!

dishly said...

i loove knits!
and white shorts are so fun and flirty :)

you have an amazing figure! greaat outfit!


Isabelle said...

love that sweater!!! you find the best stuff at thrift stores.xx

Angy said...

love your sweater!

visit my blog please


Mitzi Cocoa said...

Oh, Megg. You look like you are in your own personal magazine shoot with every post!

I do love your sheer socks and heels and cute, cute rolled up shorts!

I have been trying to figure out a theme for buying ridiculous vintage portraits, myself. I am somewhere between roses and unicorns.

Thank-you for the birthday wishes, by the way!!! You are so sweet! : )

michelle_ said...

great idea with the sheer socks !
i might try that sometime :)

glistersandblisters dot com

Lulu said...

i LOOOOOVE that sweater! makes me start thinking about fall...sigh. i am so in love with sweaters. and chunkily knit ones especially =]

KANI said...

love the sheer socks in the shoes. also love how you've worn a sweater with the shorts!

Christina said...

Girl? OMG !!!
U are one of the most beautiful girls I´ve ever seen, really! I am so speechless! *-*

I MUST follow u!

Want follow me?


Thank u so much!

Blackswan said...

im in love with your chunky knit sweater! love how its cropped too! your sheer black socks top it off nicely

a new follower! come by for a visit, my CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY is now open, if you happen to like raw crystals, than this ones for you!


x Your Only Blackswan

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Someone above just said it: you wear cropped top with such class! SO TRUE!!!
And this one is NO exception. Absolutely amazing outfit, perfection really. Love the textures, the silhouette and the color palette of this look. No wonder why you're such a style icon!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

thank you for the wedding wishes! it was a blast.

i love the thick knit on this sweater - i've been looking for something similar.

Mary Jane (Mish) said...

I totally love your outfit ! :)

kelsea said...

i love all your outfits, especially this one. i really can't wait to wear my new chunky knit.

p.s. you have fabulous legs and the shoes are so rad.

clorofilla said...

Simply and perfect **

Emilie said...

I love EVERYTHING about your outfit!
You look awesome!

Jana said...

Wow, with this body you could wear anything and still look great. Love your style!

Rosa&Carlotta said...

another amazing outfit!
following you on bloglovin!

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jhon said...

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