Hues of Blue



In my opinion every girl needs a trusty jean jacket in their wardrobe.Whether paired with a tea
 length skirt (as seen here) or thrown over jean shorts and a vintage tee, it ads an air of
 "oh yea this little thing, I just threw it on"  to any outfit! 
Also, my new thing is incorporating different hues of the same color into an outfit
 - navy/light blue, pink/maroon, lavender/deep purple, or for the faint of heart start with black/grey.
It's such a fun way to play with color, and will be especially beautiful with the bright colors we will be 
wearing in the upcoming months!

Jacket: Vintage Levis Blouse: Thrifted Skirt: C/O Crystallized Vintage


Inside my head and wardrobe said...

wow im in love with this skirt and the colour of your blouse.

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sharonlei said...

I agree everyone needs a great jean jacket... I love my Levi's one as well. :) I'm seriously envying that blouse of yours too. I'm a sucker for a peter pan collar. You always look great sweetie!

xx Love & Aloha

sacramento said...

I cannot believe it is still snowing there, Meg!!!
I am loving you in blues.
keeping the frase if I may: "oh yea this little thing, I just threw it on.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skirt!

The Blondiii said...

You look so pretty!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

just fabulous, i cannot believe there is snow where u are it is so sunny here!!! i just love that skirt and the hat with the bow is cute as a button

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Michaela said...

I love your shirt! Such a great outfit, I agree about wearing different shades of the same colour, it looks lovely!

Aubrey and Melissa said...

That blouse is so beautiful! The color is gorgeous and it brings out your eye color like crazy.

GIAA said...

beautiful skirt




Reckless Rekha. said...

lovely colours in this outfit you look great.

love your hat <3

Collections said...

Love the blue on blue it goes so great with your hair!


Elle said...

Love the ALL blue outfit....on my blog it's BLEU day today :) TRES CHIC!
love, live & wear

Fiamma said...

You look gorgeous! Dark blue is definitely your color!



Emma said...

Gorgeous skirt!

x Emma www.stylerituals.blogspot.com

kate maggie said...

Eeep! I love blue on you SO much. You inspire me to go out right now and buy something blue. You're such a babe. Hope you are having a wonderful week Meg! x

Ginta said...

I really love this blue on blue on navy look! You look perfect!

feH said...

Aren't you cold? O.o
However, I love the hat, the skirt and the blouse :)


Carla McCarthy said...

Love the colors game! Beijossssss


Christine @ Fash n Chips said...

Lovely! The hat is so cute :)

And STILL snow, wow, I don't envy you for that :P

Style-Pursuit said...

Seems like these colours have been created for you! Seriously, you look amazing wearing them!!! :o)


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Romance Is Boring said...

Beautiful skirt! I love the whole outfit, as always x

Lizette said...

Beautiful photos & lovely shades of blue!


ching said...

you are entrancing.

An-elle said...

Amazing look, just like always... The skirt is soo beautiful! XXX

Mischell double W said...

wow!! soo love it! wonderful look :)


Headless in the Desert said...

Love the skirt and the blue of that shirt looks amazing with your hair and skin tone really makes your eyes pop.


Opposite lipstick said...

looove it!


Opposite lipstick said...

looove it!


Opposite lipstick said...

looove it!


My Heart Blogged said...

I really like all the blues together. My jean jacket is my favorite way to dress something down.
My Heart Blogged

Opposite lipstick said...

looove it!


Anonymous said...

looooove this pictures with the snowflakes falling! really like the colour of your hair with your blue clothes! nice hat!

liza said...

This is gorgeous. I love the blouse and skirt, especially! The blue looks great with your hair.


The Daily Fashionista said...

You look so gorgeous!! I love all the mix of blues in your outfit and you know how to pull of the midi length skirts, like no one else.

elanor, said...

oh i just adore your skirt and its length...and that hat! so lovely! and of course, your jean jacket. ;)


Christina of Profresh Style said...

Once again, you completely score with these beautiful images. You are such an inspiration, it's ridiculous!


Anaivilo said...

Gorgeous my dear! I love blue color on you, it always look cool;) And that shirt is just perfect for the outfit.

Sara said...

i love how you wore a spring denim jacket while snowing! you go girl!

Huda said...

can't believe its snowing when April is just around the corner. Love the skirt and the various shades of blue in the whole look.

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Fabulous! Definitely an inspiration!

Jen S. said...

cuteee outfit. I love denim jackets I pair them with as many outfits as I can.


amanda archambault said...

I love your look!!! The jean top and floppy hat are adorable!
Great post, thanks for sharing!
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I V Y said...

just stunning. as usual.

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and visit my store, xo
xo, zebra and meerkat.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your out fit is adorable! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!!

Miranda said...

LOVING this outfit, following you from tick tock vintage.
Ur blog is fabulous, I'm definitely following :)


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Love all the shades of blue in this outfit!!


Mei-li said...

aa i love the coulors and the shapes of your clothes, and the string as a belt it's such a good idea !!

Venus in Furs said...


The Fancy Teacup said...

What a beautiful blue ensemble! Especially in love with that darling blouse. I agree, every girl should have a jean jacket as a closet staple!

much love.

Letizia said...

I love the colour of this outfit! sO BLUE and fantastic! Love love love! You're so cute :) Follow you!

Visit me if you want,
Lovely, Letizia :)

jessica january said...

such a beautiful skirt!!

january, x

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

what a very gorgeous outfit you're wearing!! lovely indeed. I don't have a jean jacket. . but I remember never liking them even in the 1980s when i had one at age 5 or 6 and my mom tried to get me to wear it. they are cold and uncomfortable to me :( they look great on you though.

Ninda said...

love love the skirt so much!!
I'm so in love with hat :D

poe parup said...
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poe parup said...

you have such a beautiful style! hats off to youu! (: