My mom, Style Icon

"Mooommm, I don't wanna wear matching outfits!" This was the recurring theme of my childhood. If you had told me that my mom had style I would have laughed and told you that you're crazy. When I was contacted by Piper Weiss, (the Author My Mom Style Icon and of one of my favorite blogs) to do a post about my mom's style; I was skeptical to say the least.

So, I pulled out my mom's old photo albums, and began my journey into the past. I was surprised that my experience was so absolutely mind blowing. Who would have known that she was an original hipster, or that she was the proud owner of the perfect summer dress? Not only was her style inspiring, but the stories behind the photographs were so entertaining to listen to! As we headed further and further into the past, I was also ecstatic to see amazing photographs of my Grandma and Great Grandma.  My Mom's extensive catalog of family history was like a visual story unfolding before me. It was such an amazing experience, I wish that I had done it sooner! I would suggest to all of you to participate in the experience, because it truely was a special one.

Mom & Dad


"This is right before the wedding, we were putting the finishing touches on the table arrangements. I remember being very relaxed and exited for the big day to start."


"I'm standing here with your Aunt and my maid of honor at our wedding shower in Laguna Beach. It was the perfect day of sun, sand, and friends."
Laguna Beach, 1980


"Here, I was visiting my parents in Irvine. This dress was floor length and was one of my staples that summer. I guess I'm channeling my inner beach goddess."
Irvine, CA 1977


"Here we were running from the rice shower, after the ceremony. That was before they started using bird seed"


My dad sporting the ever so stylish White Boy Frow, obviously trying to show up my mom but not quite succeeding.
Camping in Big Sur, 1978


California 1940's

California 1959

Great Grandparents, California 1930's


Now for the fun stuff, Piper Weiss is going to giveaway one signed copy of her book to one lucky reader! 


All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and 
email address and you're entered to win.

I will choose a random winner on Sunday, May 1st (just in time for Mothers Day, hint hint). 
Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

hello! I love this post. My mom is a huge inspiration to me & these photos are fantastic. Just great!
my name is Charles & email is charlesbgoode@gmail.com

Unknown said...

wow you come from a whole family of fashionistas! my name is steffy :) and my email is stefaniekuncman@aol.com

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

Your grandparents photo is lovely!

Melissa D.

BESOS LYNN said...

How cool, don't you wish she would have saved all those outfits?

Jess said...

I love the photo of your Grandma. Beautiful.


Emily said...

ahh, this makes me want to dig back through my old family photos!


Opal Wells said...

jenni jennij4@gmail.com

Carys said...

Wow, your mum is so pretty and stylish (as are the rest of your family)!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

monster cakes said...

jzigenis@yahoo.com -- Jessica Zigenis

I love old photos! Great post!

Anaivilo said...

This is such a lovely post! I really love seeing old photos of people's families..it makes me imagine the moments :D Gorgeous photos, especially the one with your grandmother.

amanda said...

awesome pics!!!!!! wow, your family was amazingly stylish (of course i don't know why i'm surprised :) i may do a tribute to my mama for mother's day.

Belle de Couture said...

Oh this post AND this giveaway is so ah-mazing! I love looking at old vintage style... I could do it all day!

::fingers crossed::


Dulcie said...

My mum was an absolute babe too, I'm so inspired to do a post on her too now!


micahmarisa said...

micah mitcham


Italian Postcards said...

I'm from Park City too! Now I live in Torino, Italy. I hear this book is quite in inspirational. Put me in the contest please!


Anonymous said...
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Pritz said...

Oh my what a great giveaway! good luck to all!

prizpriz at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

oooohhh.. so coooool! awesome photos! so vintage! now i'm inspired to make a post about my mom. i've seen some old photographs of her and i really love her style. <3

-proud daughter hahaha!

Marie said...

What fabulous pictures!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kennedy said...

what an incredible idea! id love a copy of this book and your family pics are insanely cool, i see the apple didnt fall far from the tree <3
kennedy holmes

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww I love all the old photos of your parents and relatives! It is so fun because when I go over friends houses, I just want to go and look through all their photo albums all the time.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I would LOVE to win the book, it would be so amazing.

My name: Marta

My email: marta.gomes20@hotmail.com

Adelythe said...

This idea is sooooo fun ! I love it ! I am definitely participating !!!!!!!! (by the way, my granmother was a style icon as in movies. And my gran-gran mother was an actress and we still have all these stunning 1930 dresses at home !)

Adelythe Wilson,

Thank you very much !

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Aww such fun photos doll, reminds me of flipping through my family albums every time I visit my parents :)

XoXo-Kelli K

The Fancy Teacup said...

Your mother and grandmother dressed so beautiful in their time, 1970's and 1950's respectively.


much love.

Theresa said...

Your mother's wedding dress is incredible!
Your grandma looks absolutely perfect- I can't get enough of that first photo of her. Oh, and your great grandparents- terrificly lovely!
Style and good looks definitely runs in the family. xx

Elyse E said...

Lovely post :)
My name is √Člyse E.

Maranda said...

I've been seeing a lot of this book!

Maranda Leigh


Unknown said...

I'm so siked to read this book! Or just flip through, whichever happens first.

Hannah - anoldstoryblog@yahoo.com

Lauren said...

Those old pics of your fam are phenomenal! This book looks great too.
My name is Lauren and my e-mail is lauren_snw@yahoo.com.

P.S. I love your blog. Your outfits are a daily dose of inspiration!

Mary Ann said...

Oh wow! I'm definitely checking out my mom's old photos., ^^

Ann Lazo

Shasie said...

What a fantastic post!! I love looking at older pictures! These are amazing!


The Semi Sweet said...

I would love to win this for my mommy!! This would be the cherry on her sundae for her day:)

Emily K.

Claire Hart said...

this is seriously the sweetest post ever! count me in for the lovely giveaway!


p.s. adore the photos of your grandparents- amazing!

Annalise said...

The pictures of your mother are amazing. I just adore photos like that with so much personal history. And what a wonderful book too. Fingers crossed.

Nico said...

This is too cute! It was interesting to read through and look at the photos.. love it! Your mom is too adorable!!



Lydia said...

This is amazing!

Lydia Okello

TK said...

Your great-grandma and grandma are adorable! I would definitely love a copy of the book!

allthingsgo (at) gmail.com

carina said...

the pics are so cool!!! i love it!!



roanjean said...

This made me miss my mom (RIP) even more!

Roan of The Explosive Orange

bonfire of my vanity said...

wow! what amazing pictures!!

LookGood/Do Good said...

Thanks for this nostalgic post. Love it! I see where you get your taste from! http://dressmeup-dressmedown.blogspot.com/

RYAN said...

WOW! I love it!

Apryl said...

Knew you would be doing something great! :) Lovin each entry! As simi new mom. i would love to give this to my daughter!


Schumann Honeymoon! said...

I would love this book! :)


miriamgrk said...

I love this post! My name is Miriam and my address is miriamgrk@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

I am Lya, most times it seems we over look the style of our foremothers. reminiscing is beautiful and beautiful mothers make beautiful daughters.


Jamie Rose said...

I love all of those old pictures in this post! Very cool!

- Jamie Rose

Claudia said...

oh I adore these photos!! I love drawing and its such a pleasure looking at photos from the family album like these. They are very inspiring.. Oh and what an amazingly clever idea for a book? :)

Liz P said...

Just recently came across this book.
Great post, I love old photos of stylish folks.
Liz madebylizp@gmail.com

P.S. The give away is on my b-day, happy may day!

Aliya said...

I adore old black and white photos!
I especially like the one of your grandparents :)

This is such a lovely giveaway. Count me in!

My email is aliyaroberts@gmail.com

Alina Smysl said...

You come from a long line of fashonistas! I love looking at old photos of my mom in her old day too, she was so stylish.

Please enter me in to the contest.

Unknown said...

My, what a beautifully stylish family! I would love to be entered in the giveaway - my email is meerkate (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have a fab day!

Esther said...

Love the photos, really inspiring :).

My name is Esther, my email: piper_147@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing post :)

Sheila Carvalho said...

woow!! those pictures are amazing... what a treasure!!
My name is Sheila, I'm from Portugal and I love your style!! You're blog is the best :)


Best wishes*

Virginia said...

These pictures are inspiring to ME and I don't even know these women.

PRI said...

loved this post! Pretty inspiring :)

Pri - styleincognitopri@gmail.com


Meesh said...

Ahh, great pictures of your family. I love looking at photos from these decades.

I'd love to enter this giveaway, too. My name's Meesh, and I can be reached at granniesguide@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a book and for this blog post!


Sarah said...

my mum and granny are also total style icons for me, and their donations from the attic account for a huge portion of my own wardrobe!!

Anonymous said...


Amazia said...
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Unknown said...



Rae - Say It Aint So said...

this has inspired me to ask my grandma if i can come over and look through family photos with her!

Fitness By Alicia said...

Such a great post! Loved seeing your mom's style.

Jaxon Steele said...

aww I love all the old photos of your parents and relatives! It is so fun because when I go over friends houses, I just want to go and look through all their photo albums all the time.