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Hello all!  I've been making more of a concerted effort to post routinely, but my schedule remains packed & the weather has been phenomenal.  Considering that I've spent over half of the year in sub 30 degree weather, you can't blame me for "stripping down" during 80 degree weather.  My past week has been spent hiking around with my mom, lounging around at the lake, and planning camping trips.  Its only fitting that these photos were taken grounds familiar with my walks.  

Hope that you're all having an amazing week as well!

Blazer: Zara Bralette: Quicksilver Skirt: Courtesy of Romwe Shoes: Aldo


Amanda said...

oh wow gorgeous!

Sharmaine Ruth said...

you're too pretty! Ah! I wish I could wear that haha

The Fancy Teacup said...

You pull off that look so flawlessly! No one could look as fabulous in a bralette with socks as you do.

♥, Jamie

Grace said...

Such a cool summery look. Love this, and the socks and really funky as well :)

Grace x
i'd rather buy shoes...

Tonya said...

Adorable!! I LOVE this look so much! The sock and sandal combo is my favorite. I love your hat too..great look altogether!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

the bralett and the skirt are a perfect combo!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

herecomesthesun said...

I love how high you've pulled your skirt! I sometimes do that at home in front of the mirror but never quite seem to get the guts to leave the house without pulling it back down again first! Looks great on you :)

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

SO perfect. it's like these pieces were made for each other. this might just be my favorite outfit of yours!

mary louise said...

amazing. the skirt is gorgeous


Adrianna Traxler said...

love this fun and unique look! You pull it off well!

justJess said...

very balanced look! its great for the end of summer :)

Andrea said...

So cute, I love the play on proportions, mini top, long sweeping skirt. So pretty.

Rocket Fashionista said...

Love the classy combination of those two colours, the bralette looks amazing with the long maxi skirt!


Vasilieva said...

absolutely adorable, love the skirt and that black bandeau


pinkmate said...

love the skirt!



la tiquismiquis said...

you look so amazing! <3

la tiquismiquis

Anaivilo said...

You look great darling! I love this outfit although I don;t think I would have the courage to walk that way in the streets :)) Lovely skirt and the shoes are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

wow. - i love your style *.*


ChYmEc!nDy** said...

So pretty and sexy:)

Plami said...

ahhh... you're gorgeous! i love the skirt!



Anonymous said...

Love your skirt! I adore the bandeau style :)

Lisa Fergus said...

so fun! love the socks and shoes with that skirt!


Abigail Beatrice said...

Oh my days, you do not realise how much i love this outfit. I just adore these long flowing skirts, wish I could wear and pull them off! The bandeau looks perfect with the outfit. The hat is also lovely. The shoes and socks looks brilliant together, such a quirky little touch. Love your fashion sense! Definitely following you xxx


Caitie said...

Can't blame you at all, especially since it's almost September (nutty)!!! You look fabulous!


November Grey said...

I don't know how you remain to look glamorous, even in a bralette - but you do! xx

Allie said...

Love this so much!




Helena said...

You look amazing! I don't know what to say...your outfit is so...so...PERFECT (Yeah, it's the only word that express well how I love your outfit)!!!


Clara Turbay said...

I like the skirt and the bag.


Re said...

Beautiful combination. Very chic and tamed while still showing so much skin. :) ~Wonderful!

Emelie said...

Lovely outfit! I love the skirt!

Hannah said...

Dreamy pics and great styling!


Anonymous said...

That purse is so cute! I want!!



Ninja said...

your blog is just dreamy! I love this perfect outfit :) Gorgeous you.

xxx irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

guildedsecret. said...

i love the idea of a bralette and a high waist skirt... still haven't found the perfect skirt yet but you're ROCKING this one :)

with love,

NoMade said...

Love the combination dear :)

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Shoes are hot! Cute bag too!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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amanda archambault said...

This outfit is fabulous! Great combination and looks fantastic

Thanks for sharing. Great post
xoxo, Amanda Archambault

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The serial shopper said...

you have such a cute face !!

really adorable !!




Copious Couture said...

I love the lighting in these pics! Very romantic! Come check out my giveaway!


Sara C. said...

a lot of people said this, but your outfit is super nice!!!
Sara C.
psst: sorry i'm not that original!

La groupie du styliste said...

Love your outfit, you're so pretty !

Great blog, kisses :)

Anonymous said...

you look amazing! great blog...


Naturally Chic said...

This is soooo cute and chic. I absolutely love it!