Top It Off With A Bow

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It has been a bit difficult to find ample time to shoot lately, and to boot, I’ve been getting so many cute things from people that I’ve been dying to post. This dress by Annie Greenabelle is an example. As you may have noticed, I have a thing for oversized bows. When I saw this dress, my heart melted, and even better, it’s a free-trade “ethical” garment. Now, I don’t know all of the details about what constitutes a free-trade garment, but if you’re into warm fuzzies, then this could be your next go-to brand and their vintage inspired garments are absolutely adorable!

Regardless, the weather has been lovely here for the past week, and I’m pining to get out of the store and into the parks. Hope that you’re all having a great weekend!

Dress: Courtesy of Annie Greenabelle Shoes: Aldo


yOka said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Love thos dress and pictures are great !


El Guardarropa de yOka

The Fancy Teacup said...

What a darling lbd! Totally smitten with the fact that is made with fair trade materials and is embellished with a pretty bow!

♥, Jamie

Frannie Pantz said...

Wow! What a lovely dress and, as you said, perfect for you! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

fashion doctor said...

absolutely gorgeous dress! love your outfit! xooo

Madeleine said...

i love your dress. great blog.

Plami said...

Such a classy look! I love it! The dress, the shoes, the bag... amazing! Classy and fabulous!



Joanna said...

love that dress! very cute!


jess said...

I love the back of the dress.

Unknown said...

You look so completely adorable! I love it!

Lindsey Soup

Anja said...

Damn, that's what I call a cute dress!


Abigail Horsey said...

I love this outfit so much! Wish i could pull it off but I would look like a 10 year old because I look young already haha. The white socks look adorable with the black lace boots - lovely little touch. I really am in love with these shoes, am tempted to buy some like this, but I cant walk in heels haha. I am following your blog! I just adore all your pictures :) xxx


ronan said...

this dress is definitely perfect for you! love it, and your clutch too xxx

Unknown said...

Such an adorable dress, love how you've paired it with such cute shoes and socks!

Carmen Ri.

Annalise said...

The dress is very pretty and you look lovely in it. I'm always afraid to wear such nice things out into a park in case it gets ruined. I applaud your bravery. haha. :D

eliza said...

This dress is adorable. I love the bow and it looks perfect with those shoes and socks!


decimal shoes said...

really cute dress! especially the bow :D
Decimal Shoes

Aubrey and Melissa said...

This looks so sweet and girly from the front and a hint of sexiness in the back, what a perfect dress. It's so unique and there are really lovely photos to go with it. Love, love this post.

Natalie Suarez said...

SO CUTE! love it :)



Cecilia said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

xx, Anh

out of order said...

you look so cute hun, that dress is dynamite!!


Anonymous said...

My favourite outfit post you've ever done! I love the detailing on the back of this dress and the pairing with ankle socks is adorable!

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Aliya said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful dress! This has got to be one of my favourite posts of yours ever!! Simply love it!

xx Aliya

Lesley said...

what a beautiful woodland spot for a shoot! you look stunning. i love those little socks with your ankle lace ups. adorable. isn't great to feel good about the clothes that you're wearing? splendid post!

Linlicious-style.nl said...

love it love it love it!!
like the socks in it !

Unknown said...

love the bow in the back of this dress! cant wait to see more goodies in outfit posts!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lúcia said...

lovely dress, the bow detail is really nice!

shoeless simone said...

This is absolutely darling!! What a perfect simple dress

-Shoeless Simone

Unknown said...

That dress is wonderful! I absolutely love the big bow in the back.

thepinkmateproject said...

aww you look so gorgeous! Absolutely fabulous!



Unknown said...

I've also got a thing for bows... oversized, small, subtle... any bow is just great in my eyes :). this dress is seriously outstanding. absolutely adore it... can never have too many little black dresses...


Look Pretty. said...

I love that dress.

I have a purse that looks almost exactly like that. Is that purse Whiting and Davis?

Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress, love the detail on the back! :) x


antonia said...

u look beautiful!!! LOVE THAT DRESS-



guildedsecret. said...

PERFECT LOCATION! love the bow detail - its so unexpected!

with love,

Unknown said...

Oversize bow looks simply amazing and I liked the white stockings a lot!


Moni said...

Yes finaly i found a good fashion blog!!! i have created a fashion blog to...just now but will start to put pics these days! hope we stay in touch

Tamara said...

I loved your dress! Beautiful pictures. Follow u :)

style point said...

wow, amazing outfit!u look so cute!socks looks so cool, haha. hugs xxx

tee|O|dee creative said...

you blog stalk me. i blog stalk you. :)
great fashion inspiration and great italian soda as well...

you should get some fashion inspiration for guys going on your blog too!!


Eloise and things said...


wholesale clothing said...

LOVE that dress, absolutely gorgeous! looking so sweet and girly.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Beautiful dress!!!
Amazing photos!!!!

Romwe Online said...

This cute dress draws my eyes for elegance in very black color.These dreamlike background remarkbaly stimulate people's spirits and help to gain gaiety inside.I am creatively charged and spontaneously pleased.Thanks for that terrific inspiration!


Life's a shoe said...

what a gorgeous dress!

Unknown said...

Fab PICS! Beautiful!!! :*
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