12 Days Of Chic


Can you believe that the holidays are upon us? Its hard to believe that its already December, and that my favorite style site, Chictopia, are offering 12 days of discounts.  I am so excited to pair up with Chictopia to promote their 12 days of Chic! Chictopia has recently added a shopping section that allows bloggers, and notable stores from around the world, to sell products, vintage and new.  Through the 9th of December, Chictopia is providing discounts, daily, to help ease you into your holiday shopping- or indulging in a little something yourself. So get over there and shop before it's too late!

Oh, and I did a little shopping myself last night to reward myself for being such a little angel this past year.


Skirt: ChicWish Sweater: HeReJ Sunglasses: Penelope's Vintage


Rebecca said...

That skirt is gorgeous and I'm loving the sweater. The color and shape are so great.

Rebecca (hearts)...

Girlie Blogger said...

Nice list. I like the cool shades.


Jo said...

The sunglasses are truly breathtaking <3 want want want!

Lost in the Haze

Lauren Helen said...

That skirt is absolutely beautiful! I love the colour,a nd it looks so soft!