Sundance/ Doom is upon me


Top: Vintage Skirt: Vintage Shoes: Report Necklace: Courtesy of Rowme

Oh baby, the Sundance Film Festival is upon us, and by us, I'm talking about the residents of Park City. It's not all and all a bad thing, but I have to tell you... it's draining.

 It sucks that all of my favorite dive bars are  transformed into posh, invite only, Hollywood bars-and believe me, I have spent enough time in bars that are, actually, in Hollywood to know how horrible they are.

There are way too many people in town that think they are important, that I couldn't give a shit about, but they insist I treat them like they are important - guess what? you're not.

On the flip side, there are way too many people asking about which famous people I've seen, hey I've seen a bunch but I'm not going to recant it for you, and I don't give shit anyways.

I have to walk to work, granted, I live about 3/4 of a mile from my work and usually walk, but navigating the streets is an absolute nightmare!

If I actually wanted to see a film, I couldn't get time off work = lame.

The vacation rental above my apartment is bound to inhabited by horrible, noisy party tourists that will keep me up at all hours of the day.


One of my best friends from California is coming out here early next week, and I couldn't be happier to see him.

I get to laugh at silly girls falling on the sidewalks all over the city - trying to wear skirts and 5" inch heels in the snow on very large hill is a bad idea.


kittenmasks said...

I hate not being able to take part in festivals while having other people terrorize your locality. :(
But for every Paris Hilton, there's an Elizabeth Olsen (or even better, Parker Posey)!

The Fancy Teacup said...

The skirt and the collar necklace make such a perfect pair! You look like a starlet in the making. x


L'art said...

That's so unfortunate how this Sundance Film Festival turned into a nightmare period for you :(
I do like your dress tho and your way of thinking even more :)


amalie said...

gorgeous! i love your shoes!

Heather said...

LOVE that skirt with the collar necklace and the shoes! Great outfit! I really adore the last picture!


Frannie Pantz said...

So what all famous people have you seen? Just kidding. ;-)

I love this skirt! I'm sorry for all the crappy things about the festival being in town, but if it makes a difference, I think you will be the best dressed in all the land!

Natalie Suarez said...

this skirt is AWESOME! love it :)



Steffys Pros and Cons said...

in love w your skirt!

<3 steffy

Girlie Blogger said...

We also lived close to hard-partying neighbors - VERY ANNOYING!

Gorgeous skirt. Full style looks good on you.


Moon Child said...

Amazing skirt. I've always wanted to go to sundance but I bet it's different/annoying when you live there. I feel the same way with LA often!! Enjoy the time with your friend in town!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm not crazy about seeing or meeting famous people. I don't understand that whole thing of thinking they are different from the rest of us, when they're just people too. Anyway, You look amazing in this outfit and I adore it!!!!

eDina said...

fantastic look!
your shoes are super and the skirt is amazing!

your new follower from


Anonymous said...

That skirt is so pretty and fun looking! The necklace I also love!


Stella said...

Lovely look!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Beautiful skirt and necklace!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

bahaha I would take a day off of work just to make fun of the assholes/girls falling all over the place.

& that skirt is all kinds of beautiful & perfect. <3

Caitie said...

wow, sounds like a lot of chaos!! at least your skirt is absolutely wonderful :)


Andrea said...

Beautiful outfit, that skirt is amazing, looks so vintage.

Mary Ann said...

You're looking extra chic today and I love that skirt!

Kate said...

Stunning outfit! Absolutely beautiful skirt! I love your blog!

el_martina said...

lovely look!!!!!

Diana Mamlieva said...

I love your style, I looked at your pictures on chictopis and all your pictures are so classy! Here is my blog - http://dianamamlieva.com/?p=1185

dusanabotswana said...

Funny to hear the downs as well about this awesome festival!! Looks freezing there but you look adorable in that skirt- such a great color & pattern. Hope you have a fun weekend : )

Liana said...

what a great outfit, i really love your necklace! that sucks that your whole town is transformed just because a bunch of snobby celebrities feel entitled to everything....hope you make it through!


Jo said...

Ohh, your skirt is truly a dream! <3 I love the colour, and the shape is amazing!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

CzechBlond├Żn said...

Beautiful skirt exactly my favorite colors.. Very nice :-)


Zorian said...

Great outfit. Beautiful photos. Love the skirt and the Reports.

purplesocks said...

Love your shoes :)

Sisters Don't Share said...

Aw it sounds pretty boring for you - self important people are the most yawn worthy out. Your outfit here is beautiful as usual and the pictures are perfection.


Lilith said...

I love your style :) You are stunning

Daisy said...

Such a very lovely skirt !

Jamie Rose said...

I'd love to go to the Sundance film festival some time. But just for the films, not the people haha. I love your skirt here. It looks so cute with the black socks and vintage shoes.

Anonymous said...

This skirt is totally divine. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

This skirt is totally divine. Seriously!

Emily Sanders (Persona Swimwear) said...

Ahhh yes! Sundance! I lived up in Park City for quite a few years and I always dreaded Sundance. It was tricky to drive into work from the Junction to Main Street...and parking! Wow! I have been viewing your blog for some time now. I love your style mixed with locations from Park City. Thank you for sharing!

"Embrace Style. Embrace Attitude. Embrace your Persona"

wardrobeexperience said...

wow, this skirt is so amazing... best warming winter skirt i've seen for a long time.


Plami said...

you look lovely! I love the retro feeling to this outfit ;)



Plami said...

you look lovely! I love the retro feeling to this outfit ;)



moded'amour said...

Love this outfit so much, amazing skirt!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine what that sundance must be like when u live there! Certain times a year my town is visited by tourists which always makes me kinda annoyed!
Nice outfit, as always!


Samatha@Women's Wool-blend Pant Suit said...

I love your skirt, especially the color and the feel of it. Your necklace looks expensive!

Anonymous said...

I will come to you goods makes me a shoejob
so I'm well on my sperm spurted silent shoes and socks that you wear

FashMags said...

I'm loving this skirt!