New Arrival!


Blouse: Courtesy of Urban 1972 Vest: Vintage Tights: Courtesy of VienneMilano Shoes: Aldo Hat: Vintage Necklace: Courtesy of Romwe

Despite appearance, wind and all, today was the warmest day all winter - an astounding 50 degrees!  Its so nice to break free from the chains of big coats and jeans, and I finally was able to sift through all of my summer clothes and came across this amazing vest I've had for over a year and haven't worn once. That's one thing I hate about winter/summer wardrobes, I completely forget about half of my wardrobe for over six months, and then realized there are all of these amazing pieces I have deemed summer wardrobe pieces, but could easily be worn year round- note to self, be a little more selective next year. The weather has been absolutely perfect lately, but we'll see how long this engagement lasts, mother nature has been a complete hussy this year, and can't decide what she wants - hopefully she sticks to her guns this time

Speaking of long lasting engagements, my BF and I have entered into one with a new kitty.  Her name is Loretta, and she's from a small town named Coalville - hope someone get's the reference - and while the saga of Dupree is far from over, we couldn't ask for a better cuddly companion. 

Since the moment she entered our home she has wanted nothing more than to cuddle all day long in our comfy cozy bed, and get all of the rubbies we can give her. She's been purring and laying in our laps for six days now, and that's all that she seems to want out of life- actually, that's basically all I want out of life as well, but unfortunately I'm a human and actually have to work for a living, so I have no problem living vicariously through her.

I always swore I would never be a crazy cat lady, but Dupree completely changed my mind.  I can't get enough of my pretty little kitty, and I am so happy to have rescued her from the hell of living in an animal control center.  I love giving her the best home a kitty could ever ask, or meow for, even if it means spending my days off pampering the shit out of her, and dismissing my normal obligations - aka blogging. Now, all we need is for Dupree to come home, and meet his little sister - or girlfriend - depends on what he decides.


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Girlie Blogger said...

Oh goodness. The kitten is adorable!

Dylana Suarez said...




See Xiong. said...

Oh my goodness, i love that vast! CUTE!! following you. hopefully you can return the follow. =).

Natali said...

Wonderful oversized blazer! I like this retro look.


Naomi said...

I just bought a fabulous oversize jacket which I shortened the sleeves on so it didn't feel like I was going to a costume party. This is a great way to wear oversize - you look fab! I'll use this as my inspiration for styling up the new piece. Loretta is adorable - we had to leave two cats on the other side of the world when we moved to Europe and although I know they are being well taken care of, it broke my heart!

Liana said...

that blazer is so pretty, the color is gorgeous! and your cat is soo cute, no wonder you're infatuated with her! that's so nice of you guys to adopt her :)


eDina said...

the vintage blazer is very unique, you styled it great!



Arra Abella said...

Love your blouse! It's lovely!


Outside Looking In said...

Ohmy! What a cute little face! I'm glad you found a new friend (um....I think I get the reference....should I be embarrassed that I know that Loretta was the Coal Miners Daughter? Knew living in Ky for several years would serve me well someday!)

Anaivilo said...

Your kitty is a doll! :D:X Mine is black and she is naughty. Cool outfit too, I adore that color!

Heather said...

LOVING the vest! This is a great look. Also I want to cuddle your kitty!! What a sweetie!


M.Soleil said...

cats are such a joy to hae around. I never knew I was an animal person until I adopted my cat. That last picture of her is so far beyont cute I'm not sure what to call it!

Kristiina said...

A. I LOVE that vest. You look amazing.

B. so happy for you! I never thought I would be a cat person either but it only take one to change your mind. Thanks for adopting!

Kristiina said...

Takes one it take :)

Frannie Pantz said...

I love rediscovering clothes between seasons! Also, congrats on your new kitty! Still crossing my fingers for Dupree, though, as well.

Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

I love the mix, it's so original!

vintage process said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

Caitie said...

loving this outfit, that color looks great! and congrats on your newest addition :)


Nty&J said...

Nice vest.

The little world of fashion said...

The first picture is great!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Awww...your kitty is adorable! I have two kitties and a dog so I know how much love a little fur ball can bring into your life. You look so great anyway, I love that blouse!

Telma Fernandes said...

I really love your blog.

You have a amasing look.



Célèste Brott of Fashion is Evolution said...

Loretta Lynn "Coalminers Daughter." Love it.

rachel said...

ummm.... holy shit: one of my childhood cats was named loretta, also after Loretta Lynn! (we also had Patsy, can you guess who she was named after?)

The outfit (and cat) are BEYOND cute!


sherene said...

Ur the sweetest, for adopting ur adorable cat.
I like ur fashion sense, so classy, hip, coolest ever.:))

Raquel said...

Good luck for u and your kitty btw love your outfit!


Aliya said...

I am in love with your blouse! And the colour of your vest is brilliant! Gorgeous look!

You have every right to be a crazy cat lady when you have a cat this cute! I know how you feel - I have 3 cuties!

x Aliya

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Nice loook! X

Fabiana said...

Hey I happened to visit your blog and I really liked it. Enjoyed reading all your wonderful posts :) Please visit my blog as well. If it interests, please feel free to follow me. I shall be happy to do the same for you.

M said...

great outfit! You look amazing, I really like your smile :)

Venla said...

Cute outfit xx

Katie Called Me Lucifer

Jane said...

Wonderful . Love your outfit and the pictures. Is it still snowing around your place? In France (south), It's almost spring !

Sarah said...

You look gorgeous! I love the styling and colours of this outfit xxx

Faith J. said...

How is the saga to get Dupree back? Any news?