Spring Cleaning

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T: Vintage Pants: Vintage Shoes: Converse

Call it late spring cleaning, or just being sick of my wardrobe, but I've been in a rather casual mood lately. For some reason, I've been frequenting the T-shirt aisles of thrift stores more than anywhere else. But, I can't just sit back and wear a T-shirt and jeans. That's where these awesome trousers come in. Maybe they tie everything together, from slouch to thought out, or maybe my the sun is too warm for me to care. Either way, it works.



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Top: Free People Shorts: DIY Cutoff Wranglers Jacket: Vintage

Spring calls for spring outfits, yet the chaotic temperament of spring still calls for a jacket. This is where, yes, a bit of a denim tuxedo can come in hand. But, I think that you'll agree, all is forgiven when you're matching up to a pair of cutoff Wranglers. Simply put, these are the hands down the best jeans to use for a little DIY cutt off action. Why? Who knows, but it's true. What is important, though, is spicing up the outfit with a little accouterments. Otherwise, you're just wearing denim head to toe.



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Blazer: C/O Choies Tee: Vintage Shorts: Wrangler Shoes: Oh Deer

I was starting to feel like spring was never going to arrive, then, all of the sudden, WAH LAH! Finally, my long neglected shorts section of the closet got back in full swing. And as long as I'm feeling warm and renewed, I figured, why not wear all white? But, for the sake of not looking like a sanitation worker, I decided to pop on my brand spankin' new floral blazer. Yes, the print is one part Margaritaville and two parts "so what I'm on vacation," but if you're stuck at work, why not daydream a bit through your outfit, right?