Dior Homme Petite Taille

Dior Homme is coming out with a line of petite taille (translation: small sized) suits and jeans due out spring 2010 for the sophisticated androgynous woman. Also, the jeans will have a slight stretch to accommodate the famale form. Dior Homme has long been a favorite line of mine for men and women. Many people are confused as to why Dior would have to make women's sized Dior Homme clothing considering Dior already has an established line for women. For me the answer is clear, the simple sillouettes of Dior Homme are completely different than the Dior Womens line, and it allows Dior to experiment with simple tailored womens clothing without having to sacrafice the theatrics of the womens line. I CAN'T WAIT

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Dirty Hair Halo said...

Pure genius.