I spent my two days off last week as I usually do, compulsively thrift shopping. Although this week I stepped it up a notch and also made my way to South Coast Plaza, specifically to scope out Zara and H&M. Over a hundred dollars later (I don't need to go into too much detail) I walked away with an abundance of cute shit including this fantastic cardigan from H&M and shirt dress by ZARA. I scored the tights while browsing the hosiery section of Target on my way to get Christmas lights-which by the way look fantastic on my ten foot balcony- my boyfriend says they look like "Chola" tights, specifically the print on aquintecential black and white bandana, after being told this I started to agree andI kind of like them more now. ENJOY


Tayler Worrell said...

Love the tights! I am so jealous, i wish i could take weeks of to vintage shop!

Meggstatus said...

I only get tuesdays and wednesdays off, but those two days I hit the pavement hard!

Daniela Román. said...

Your outfit is the greatest (: