Coat: Vintage, Borrowed from Roommate :) Sweater: Thrift, Goodwill Hat:Vintage, Decades

Three days after this event occurred I am sore. My boyfriend has always wanted to shoot a gun, and since I am such a good girlfriend I agreed to join. So on Christmas morning after opening way too many presents than I deserve, eating a glorious breakfast, and drinking a couple of mimosas my sister Steph, her boyfriend Ryan,my boyfriend Jeff and I went shooting. I wish I had been smart enough to shoot a video of this even because I was HORRENDOUS-that may not even be a bad enough word to describe my ability. My hand eye cordination is that of a five year old or worse, I have not lifted more than 15 lbs in over a year, and after about five minutes of standing outside in 10 degree weather my fingers were numb. This does not equal a successful shotgun experience. On the other hand, my boyfriend was a natural, he shot one skeet (clay disks thrown up as targets) twice with one throw, which impressed me like no other. The only upside to this event was that is was beautiful outside and I was able to take a picture of my cute winter outfit :).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful coat! You look so pretty! ;))

kim said...

you look pretty badass with that gun. great fur cap.

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Clothes Are Cute