Blue Velvet

Dress: Vintage, Decades Hat: Vintage, Swellegant Shoes: Seychelles

Decades vintage clothing store is hands down my favorite place to shop in the entire world. Imagine a place where any vintage piece from any decade is right at your finger tips-its close to what I imagine heaven being like. I dragged my parents and my always supportive boyfriend to salt lake with me to scope it out,and it was definitely an eye opening experience for my parents into the mind of Megan while shopping. I don't think they expected anything close to the manic search of every piece in the store whether it be too big (I can get it taken in),beat up (The silhouette is BEAUTIFUL) or completely unpractical (I know I don't need a full length beaded gown but it is such inspiring craftsmanship!).I don't believe they will be joining me next time, but I'm glad I got to let them into my world for at least a couple of hours.

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Dylana Suarez said...

Gorgeous dress!Lovely blog!