I broke my fucking camera this morning while taking photos. My tripod decided to be an asshole and tip over on me. I knew I should have gotten the damn no questions asked warranty. UGGGGGGGG I am so upset right now. And the worst part is that fixing a camera is almost as expensive as buying a new one... soo sad :)


Anonymous said...

This is my favourite outfit of yours ever :)

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I'm sorry about your camera! The same thing happened to me not too many weeks ago. But, your ensemble is amazing. Annie.

Fashion&Circus said...

wow, your style is great- i love it! love that skirt and bag together- usually not a fan of brown, but i think you've changed my mind! thanks for following, and cheers for my comment.


shoeless simone said...

This is amazing, I love everything about it! I love the ruffles and texture of your tights, and the crooked mirror makes it look so much cooler too. And sorry about your camera! :(

-Shoeless Simone

Senorita Fashionista said...

I just found your blog via Second Skin. I just broke my camera and am so sad, they are so expensive! I hope you get one soon, you wear some amazing outfits! xoxo Jolie

LyddieGal said...

Your outfit is amazing, so sorry about your camera, hope you can find a replacement soon!

eunice said...

i found your blog through second skin. Your style is amaazing!! sorry to hear about your camera, can't wait to see more outfit photos from ya! :)


dishly said...

wowww i love these photos!!
since i'm new to blogging, and the blogging worllddd, i've only recently started following your lovely blog :)
reading how you haven't always had a dslr camera got me curious thinking what your old looks were like, is this pre-dslr?
your photos are so aweessome! so creative :) gorgeous.