Current Obsession: Full Skirt

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About a year ago any skirt that was longer than mid thigh I would hem to mini length. Presently, I am infatuated with full skirts. Full skirts create a nice counter balance to the sky high hems everyone is currently enjoying. Plaid, flower print, solid colors, or mixed prints, any print you choose creates a very different personality to the outfit. Plaid evokes feelings of winter and keeping warm by the fireplace, while flower prints have me yearning for spring to arrive. Personally, I have been searching for a black and white skirt with thick horizontal stripes, a la beetle juice, I have yet to stumble across it, but I am confident.

On a side note, I'm going to have to send my camera directly to Sony to get fixed. I won't be able to post outfit photos for about a week (I'm already going through withdraws from it, pretty pathetic). I will continue to post inspiration, editorial work, ext.


STYLEFOX said...

i loveee this post. i bought one in a London thrift store last year, and i'm yet to wear it! great blog


Kirstie. said...

I love this too. There so much easier to wear.


i love these, they look great. for me- i don't think they'd suit but from looking at your style- it'll look awesome how what you wear it!

ps. i love your writing style!