Sweater: Random Vintage Store in Long Beach Shirt: Tt Shorts: Junkies Shoes: Jeffrey Cambell

I've been pestered by my mom for the past month and a half to get my oil changed, so today I bit the bullet and got it done. I absolutely despise sitting in the freezing cold room, on extremely uncomfortable chairs, and being forced to read automobile magazines for 45 minuets until they are done. The sign said Drive Through Oil Change, but I didn't think much of it. Turns out, it really was a drive through. I stayed in the car the entire time, and to add a cherry on top they gave me a complimentary soda. Now I don't know who came up with this brilliant idea, but I wish I could give them a high five, or screw that a high ten. Absolute Genius!

Oh AND I received the "Beautiful Blogger Award" and "The Creative Blogger Award" from Kacesi. If you havn't checked out her blog you should, she has such a great eye for vintage clothing and styling! So here are seven things you probably didn't know about me:

1. I was vegan for 5 years, and became vegetarian about two years ago because I was craving a doughnut-I figured five years was enough so my self control went out the door. I do wear fur and leather but I try to only do it if it's vintage(I know BAD VEGETARIAN!)

2. I still sleep with my baby blanket. When I get nervous or anxious I rub it, and therefore I'm a fabulous masseuse.

3. I am scared of driving, I havn't driven over 25 miles straight in more than two years.

4. I really enjoy country music (classic, contemporary, doesn't matter to me) particularly the sad songs. And I believe much of rock and roll is influenced by country music, so when people say they hate county I believe they are just ignorant.

5. My biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open. And I HATE when people chew gum. I have met people that I'm able to tolerate doing it, but at times I still cringe.

6. My boyfriend does the cooking in the house. I will cook pasta or veggie sloppy joe's every once and awhile, but I usually leave it to the expert.

7. I am addicted to crime drama's on TV particularly Law and Order, and CSI. It's what I usually fall asleep to.

I am supposed to pass it on to seven people but I'm going to pass it on to everyone. I want to know seven things about all of you!


cosmic visions said...

i love this outfit, your such a doll

eunice said...

I want those shorts!! you look fabulous as always :)


el_martina said...

WOW!!! Love your outfit!!

Nicole said...

this whole outfit is stunning :)

Jolly Josi said...

Your outfit made me speechless it's perfection !

Taylor Sterling said...

those shorts are fantastic! I adore your style!

apparellel said...

you are so damn cute! i love getting to know you more. and if it makes you feel better i don't drive the freeways. ever. and haven't for 15 years. my assistants always have to drive me to locations if they require freeways. good for you for getting out and about and doing the oil change i dread doing that too.

on another note. i love your plaid shorts, with the blouse and the fur touch equals perfection!


Ali said...

I sleep with a blanket, too, and hate people who chew their gum loudly (and the up-down chin motion bothers me) and yes, crime shoes ROCK.

Haha, on another note, I love your shorts! I could steal them off you and run away.

em.me.ma said...

omgosh i lovee those plaid shorts!!<3


LyddieGal said...

I love how you've styled those shorts, such a great look!!!

(and i'm totally with you on #2 and #3)

shoeless simone said...

I love your sweater, it's lovely! And those shorts are so cute

-Shoeless Simone

Kookie B. said...

gah...i love the plaid shorts with the almost Victorian sheer top. so refreshing and perfect for summer!

cody said...

adore your style :)
it's perfect for summer :D

nuheila said...

Love your top!This look is tres chic.


Ulrika said...

You look amazing!xxx

Anonymous said...

Love how you work all those pretty ankle socks into your outfits. Can't wait for spring for shorts!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Love love this outfit! I especially love the shirt. It has a romantic quality.
I am also addicted to crime dramas!!! I love Law and Order (SVU is my fac) and CSI. My boyfriend hates them and steals every opportunity to change the channel. Good thing I've practically seen every epidsode.

kacesi said...

I love all your outfits, Megan!!! Do you want to do the interview this weekend? Over chat? :) Thanks for mentioning me in the post!

Robyn said...

Aww, I loved reading this post! It's always fun to find out more about people. I love the shorts in this photo, and your hair looks fantastic, lady!

I did a post on my health blog listing 10 things about me, if you're in the mood:
How are you? and other dumb questions
I hope you'll check out my style blog too! Glad I found your site here!

~Robyn, Chi-Chi 

Ale said...

this is perfectttttttt

Jolly Josi said...

This is truly my all time favorite outfit of yours !