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There are rare occasions where I get hit with uncertainty when pulling outfits for my day - today was one of them.  As I'm sure everyone here does the multiple wardrobe change in the morning, I threw this little number on in a last ditch effort to not be naked throughout the day.  Its one of those pieces hanging on my rack that I purchased some time ago, but never got around to wearing.  It makes me wonder:  what else is lurking in there?  Its given me a little inspiration to rediscover my closet, anyhow.  This leads me to my question of the day:  What are examples of your fall back outfits?  Are your fall backs so prominent in your style that they've become go-to's?


Hillary said...

The hat is fabulous.
My fall-back will always be stripes, usually paired with my favorite levis with the legs rolled up.

ModestMix said...

This dress is wonderful, and i love the ring on your thumb :D
My fall back outfits are boring solids, but i try to spice up up with lots of accessories or bright colored shoes :p

amanda said...

oh i have a lot of days that i am filled with uncertainty. i guess i have different fall-backs depending on the season. summer, definitely a dress, winter, skinny jeans and tall boots. so easy but still pulled together. i love this dress. i like that you wore it with black tights and shoes. you look great!! a lot of times, those outfits that we just throw on and think are just a last ditch effort turn out to be some of the greatest. i think this is simple chic!

briana said...

i always turn to my denim mini a cute tee with a pair of leggins and booties when i'm having an off day deciding.
this dress is fab. you have no need to doubt your choices - they're always amazing.

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

As I've said in Chictopia, you always look so together and classy!:) Love your vintage and thrift finds.. In this case, I'm lovin your dress!:) cute hat too.


Anonymous said...

Your hats are always great!! I love the dress.
It's normal for me to have some problems to decide what to wear. I guess I'm in the process to discover my own style.


Mitzi Cocoa said...

The hat dresses up that tee dress so well! So cute! I'm currently living out of a suitcase for the next few months so nothing is really hiding in my "closet." Haha!

Rebecca said...

I sometimes find things I've never really worn and think 'oh I should wear that today' and then I pick up a high-waisted skirt and a loose t-shirt and off I go.

Away with the fairy's said...

Love that dress! so simple but suits your shape so well!


Carmen said...

The dress is gorgeous on you, love the colour of it!


Clare said...

Love the stripes on you!

tweet tweet tweet


Kookie B. said...

it's so great how a simple belt can turn a shirt into a dress! i love the color of your striped shirt dress.lovin' the thumb rings too!


Amanda said...

My fall back is usually an AA v-neck, skinny jeans, and flats. Uber chic, I know.

I really like this look though, the color goes great with your hair and the hat is really unique.

Anonymous said...

love the dress! the color is so vibrant and stripes are cute :)

i also find things in my closet i had forgot about... but been cleaning the closet for a while so there's not so much anymore of those.

Carys said...

The colour of your dress is amazing, and I love how your nail varnish matches! Those shoes are so cool too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

palma said...

I love the dress and the shoes. The whole outfit is perfect =D


avalonne lou summers said...

Whenever I have an outfit block and can't seem to put together a good outfit, I go to all black or simple simple simple! This is fantastic, doesn't look like you had trouble putting together an outfit. Love your turquoise ring! Hope we can chat soon, I miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! Hmm, my fall back outfit is probably skinny jeans and a tee, it's so simple that I just wear it when I can't find anything to work with. xx

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit! The hat really pulls it together! Please visit my blog stormynightz.wordpress.com. My fall back outfit probably has to be what I'm wearing today. An orange tank top, some cutoff capris,flipflopps, a patterned scarf, a headband, and my big black glasses. Confusing I know but I'm extravegant! And awesome.

jessica wu said...

awwww your comment made my day :]]
you look good in EVERYTHING too!
i'm loving the stripes on you, the bold blue is a great contrast.
ohhh fall back outfits: anything with pants.. lol you rarely see me wearing jeans

shortformelissa said...

I love that hat!!!!

My summer fall back is an oversized Chambray from American Apparel with sandals or oxfords. Best summer outfit ever!


moded'amour said...

great outfit, and your legs are so perfect!!

Christina said...

You make such a simple striped dress look fab! Love the unique mix of teal and black stripes.
--pale bluebird

Camilla said...

I love that dress, It's fabulous.
My fall back outfit is my Topshop floral skater dress :)


Danielle said...

For colder months, I go for a cardigan, scarf and flats. In the summer, I do anything with a vest.

Anonymous said...

the color of this dress enhances the color of your eyes. Thumbs up on the last pic.