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Dress & Bag: Courtesy of Modcloth 

 Modcloth asked me to participate in its Adventures in Style campaign, where bloggers from around America shared our favorite hometown spots with the rest of the world. I chose to feature my favorite local institution, Dolly’s Bookstore. 

Dolly’s has been in business for over 27 years (a long time in this mining town), and is home to one of the best reading selections in America – not to mention Utah. My boyfriend always says that Dolly’s has more knowledge per square foot than anywhere else in this state, but to me, the serious draw is the owner and defender of the books, Old Man Che the Cat. Che has been around the store for around 20 years, and he’s just as lively and rambunctious as I remember him being when I was a kid. Survivor of a brain tumor, missing most of his teeth, and an osmosis knowledge gatherer, Che can legitimately say that he’s been-there-done-that for about anything that you can imagine. Love that little dude, and love this store.

Now, onto the juicy part. Today and today only they have graciously set up a sale featuring items representing Park City. All items are 12% off and with the discount code AnotherDay you will receive ANOTHER 12% DISCOUNT! So hop on over to Modcloth ASAP to score some sweet duds.